Correcting Laurie Dolan's False Claim

One of my opponents, Laurie Dolan, sent out a mailer this week with the statement "She is the only candidate for State Representative endorsed by:" The list included National Women's Political Caucus, NOW, and Young Democrats of Washington

Dolan's claim of sole endorsement by these organizations is FALSE and she should know it.

I have been endorsed by all three organizations. Here are the letters confirming those endorsements, two of the three explicitly state that it is a dual endorsement. 


I am no shrinking violet when it comes to hardball politics and I am not easily offended. I was not offended that Dolan included me and my family in her mailing. That's just in-your-face politics. But, when I saw the lies printed on it I was certainly offended. 

Laurie Dolan owes me, the organizations listed, and all of the voters who received this deceptive mailer an apology. 

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Olympian Profile for This Race

The Olympian published a profile of candidates in this race which contained a startling quote about funding education from one of my opponents.

State revenue is being cut right and left while trying to feed the beast of public education. --Laurie Dolan, Candidate for LD 22, Position 1

Feed the beast? Public education is a right, an investment in our future, and the very foundation of our democracy.

Public education lifted my family out of poverty. I attended public institutions from primary school through college as have every one of my four children. Without it we would likely be working as sharecroppers like my grandparents did. With it I am an environmental engineering consultant, my children work as a doctor, a college professor, a communications director, and a college student. 

I will never think of funding education as a burden. I think of it as the best investment we will ever make with our tax dollars. --Rhenda Iris Strub, proud product of public schools. 


Read more here:


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Rhenda Iris Strub Announces Run for State House of Representatives


rhenda_strub_olympia-003.jpgOLYMPIA, WA – Rhenda Iris Strub, former Olympia City Councilmember, has announced she will run for the State House of Representatives, Position 1. “I want to bring the same energy for collaboration and community improvement to the legislature that I demonstrated in my previous public service,” said Strub, 60, who served on the Council from 2008 to 2011 and on the Thurston County Planning Commission prior to that.

Strub said her greatest achievements on the Council were leading the effort to construct a new fire station, hire 16 new firefighters to staff that station and create Quixote Village, with permanent housing for homeless members of a tent camp. She’s also proud of her work to build a new City Hall, build the new Hand’s on Children’s Museum, open an off leash dog park, and fund the city’s largest ever transportation package. 

“Like every good Democrat, I believe we need a progressive tax system in Washington.  I want our wealthiest citizens to pay their fair share,” Strub said.  “They both achieved and maintain that wealth because of the work public employees do to create a society where business can thrive. Our richest citizens owe us a reinvestment of some of the wealth we all helped create. They did not get rich in Syria. They did it here where the rule of law, public education, public safety and great infrastructure made it possible. Public employees are at the heart of it. Good government means valuing, recruiting and retaining amazing employees.”

Strub also strongly supports raising the State’s minimum wage and fully funding education. “I am the product of public primary, secondary and college education. As the first person in my family to graduate college, I understand how important education is to lifting people out of poverty. For those who are working minimum wage jobs, as I did while pursuing my education, a living wage is critical. The people who are working the hardest in our society need to be paid fairly for their labor.”

She is a candidate full of ideas, saying “I firmly believe in the power of local government to build strong communities.”  She said the State can help local government best by allowing them to determine their own destiny. “We need to remove the levy lid that the State impose on local government. After the court threw out the Eyman initiative, which failed in our community, it was a vote of our own legislature that reinstated it. That was really worse than the soundly criticized unfunded mandates. That was the State taking control of local government budgets and many are in crisis because of it.”  She has a long list of programs to support local government that have been eliminated or cut too far, and intends to fight for them.

When she saw the field of candidates developing for District 22, Strub says she was surprised that not one of them had held elected office before.  “There was no School Board, City Council, or County experience through elected office or volunteer service like planning commissions.  Holding office is a great responsibility, and at the local levels, you deal with your constituents face to face in public meetings sometimes in tense settings. Learning to navigate that is essential to becoming a good public servant.”  It is this experience of making policy and being held accountable by citizens that Strub says she brings to the race.

Her activism began long ago, and has been local and consistent since joining our community. Whether it’s championing the Demoburger Booth summer after summer or canvassing for local candidates, Strub has been there. And she will be there long into the future.

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